Traffic Safety

We are very grateful to our parents/guardians for co-operating with the traffic procedures as part of our Traffic Safety Plan and helping keep our students safe in and around the school environment.

  • Please adhere to the No Parking signs at the front of the school. The parking bays are strictly for Drop Off Only. This is for the health and safety of everyone in Notre Dame and the neighbourhood.
  • Please Do Not Do a U-Turn outside the front gates as this may cause an accident.
  • Please Drive Slowly particularly in the vicinity of the school and the pathway to Weston opposite the school as many children and their parents/guardians use this pathway.
  • As the Notre Dame girls’ welfare is of our utmost concern, your co-operation is requested in this matter. It is the school's obligation to report anyone driving or acting irresponsibly to the relevant authorities.
  • We would ask parents of children in P5 and P6 to continue to drop and collect their daughters from the front of the senior school each day. This measure encourages independence in the girls and also helps to alleviate traffic congestion.
  • Exit for classes, Montessori to P2 is through the side gate.
  • Exit for classes P3 to P6 is through the front gate or the senior school.

Many thanks for your co-operation with traffic safety and for keeping our students and families safe.