Science Excellence

Science plays an important part in the life of Notre Dame and the fact that
we have received nine awards of Science Excellence is testament to this importance. 

This award is for schools that excel in their levels of participation in the Discover Primary Science and Maths Project. It is a flagship project run by the Discover Science and Engineering Programme. It aims to develop creativity in our children, show how important science is in everyday life and more importantly how much fun it can be.

Our school also takes part in the Irish Computer Society's Scratch Programme, which also meets the criteria for Sttep 5 in the Discover Primary Science awards for Science and Maths Excellence. Our sixth class students create a 10-slide slideshow on a science related topic, experiment, project, astronomy, famous scientist or inventor. The girls efforts have been very successful, resulting in our school being awarded the Certificate for Technology Excellence. We look forward to continuing to add to our Maths, Science and Technology achievements in the future.

Each year, the school holds a science week where the girls participate in many experiments, enjoy listening to guest speakers and explore the mechanics of many different objects. The aim of science week is to promote the relevance of science, engineering and technology in our everyday lives




For the last number of years, Notre Dame have been fortunate to participate in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS. It is an incredibly rewarding event to take part in as it encourages children to question how the world works and explore different areas of Science that interest them. It is also a great opportunity for the girls to practise their presentation skills. Previous projects have been:

  • Tornado Control
  • Best Uniform Material
  • Does music affect how a plant grows?
  • How can you run in a straight line if you cannot see where you are going?
  • How can minibeasts walk up walls?           



                                          How can minibeasts walk up walls?


          How can you run in a straight line if you cannot see where you are going?


                                                          Best Uniform Materials


                                                              Tornado Control


                                          Does music affect how a plant grows?