Prep 2 are 'Butterfly Babysitters'!! **Updated!!**

Prep 2 are 'Butterfly Babysitters'!! **Updated!!**
We have welcomed five furry, multi-legged new friends to our classroom.
Fri, 12/05/2017 - 17:33

We were very excited in Prep 2 today when the postman safely delivered our caterpillars to Notre Dame. When we removed them from their travel box, they didn't appear to be very active, however after letting them settle in to their new surroundings they were soon exploring their new home and having a look around.


                                                                                                       DAY 1

They have their own habitat inside a special cup, which contains all the nourishment and air that they will need to grow. We are keeping them high up on our shelf so that they will not be disturbed, as we know that they are very delicate. We are going to watch them closely as they grow (fingers crossed!) from caterpillars to butterflies.

We think we will be great 'butterfly babysitters'!  

We will keep you posted...


                               DAY 2                                                       DAY 3


                           DAY 4                                                            DAY 5


              DAY 9 - Our caterpillars are eating lots and getting bigger every day.


                          DAY 10                                             DAY 11 - Our butterflies are pupating!


                                                DAY 12 - We have two chrysalides      


                                            DAY 15 - We have four chrysalides, hurray!