Poetry Corner

Out My Window

Out my window day and night 

Is a small little light 

And it glows, oh so bright.

I think – what is this little light? 


I think and think what it could be,

Out my window winking at me.

The way it blinks and flickers back

What could this little light be? 


Could this light be a garden torch?

Could this light be the path of a plane?

Could this light be a car journeying home?

What could this little light be?


This little light glowing near me, 

What could this little light be? 

Little light moving closer – 

Little light, sitting beside me. 


What is this little light glowing at me? 

Oh little light – it’s only daddy. 


Katie McKenna



The Mirror

She gazes into the mirror

Searching for the truth

But finds only faults

Her perspective misconstrued


Altered by the media’s lies

Transforming flawed models

Into impossibly flawless mannequins –

Aspirations of young girls painted by deceit.


She doesn’t see the beautiful being

Staring back at her in the mirror.

Instead, she sees a total stranger

Full of blaring imperfections.


The bump on her cheek;

Her lips too slim;

And her figure never –

Never slim enough.


She is no Barbie

Nor super model.

For looks are everything,

And perfection is her goal.


Her beaming dimples when she smiles

Ignores the beauty in her artful arms

Or the way her lovely long locks

Catch the wind by surprise.


She skips another meal

Though her bones puncture her skin.

Her little body hungers for appreciation –

Blinded by the two-faced mirror of her mind.


Heather Shipman



Constellation of Beauty

She looks into the mirror,

And her eyes lie.

For she sees the imperfections

Of the stars.


Tainted by the media’s falsehoods,

And oppressed by society’s rules.

The girl in front of me isn’t real,

Just pieces of paper glued together.


Her self-esteem is as thin as paper,

And with one word comes crashing down.

She forces a smile on her face,

But deep inside, she’s broken.


For looks are everything today.

We aspire to be perfect.

But the stars are imperfect,

Yet they are the constellations of beauty.


When she looks up, she thinks nothing.

Because, for once, she is looking up –

Instead of looking down.

The constellation of beauty.


Sarah Brady




Every girl wants to be skinny,

Every girl wants to be thin.

Why can’t you be happy

With the body you’re in?


Every girl is pressured,

Maybe not in the same way.

Just to look like a model –

Perfect, in every way.


Standing in front of the mirror,

Picking out your flaws.

Wishing for the ideal body,

You know – everyone does.


Not all girls are perfect

In their own skin.

Society always judging

In the world we’re in.


No one’s truly perfect,

No one’s the same.

They don't have the right to judge you –

They don't even know you name.


Roisin Doherty