Pastoral Care

The Pastoral system supports our school in achieving its declared aims.  It develops the student both as a person as well as a learner.  It prepares them for adult life and is concerned with students learning a wide variety of skills, attitudes and knowledge so that they might become mature adults, able to cope with the stresses of our complex, rapidly changing society.  Thus, as well as academic excellence, the policy of this school is to promote self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility, practical and social skills, cultural and sporting interests and understanding and growth in ourfaith.

The good teacher is a caring teacher whose professional skills and knowledge as a subject teacher are matched by a commitment to understanding and guiding students and assisting them in their personal development in the valuable and sometimes difficult formative years they spend at school.

The basic structure that we use to implement our Pastoral Care Programme is:




The key person is the Year Head whose opportunity for influencing students is greater than that of any other teachers.  The impact of the Year Head who is regarded in a special light by students – is reflected in such areas as dress, behaviour, standards of work, response from parents, standard of reports sent to parents, attitude of students to assemblies, prayer and school itself.  The spirit of each class can reflect to a large extent the interest of the Year Head.


The Year Heads work in close co-operation with the Subject Teachers to whom they give support and leadership.  The Year Head is expected to take a caring interest in each student of the year and to work with Subject Teachers and other staff to promote students’ academic and personal development.  The role involves administrative, counselling and disciplinary responsibilities.