Music Mania

Music Mania
May 15th-17th
Wed, 24/05/2017 - 16:46

Music Mania was back again in Notre Dame (May 15th – 17th) filling the entire school with music and fun once again!  An action packed music-filled three days were had and there was a fantastic buzz with live performances to be heard, concerts to attend, competitions to be won and talents to be polished!  Our highly anticipated Talent Show was the highlight, and there was keen competition as class groups and soloists alike meticulously prepared and rehearsed their acts.  Music was to be heard coming from every corner of the school! 


Each morning of Music Mania we kicked off the day with a musical start to get everybody going!  Classes were visited for a “Guess the Song and the Artist” competition and “On this day in Musical History” facts.


Tuesday we had wonderful Gamelan Workshops - an amazingly interesting and fun instrument from Java!  Many thanks to Anika for the teaching us about the instrument and how to play our very first piece on Gamelan!  We all had great fun! 

Tuesday night we had a fantastic concert in the hall – Tunes for TanzaniaWe were treated to some very entertaining performances from Anika and friends, Francis Helmut and the Gamelan Jam Delapar!  It was all most enjoyable and raised much needed funds for youths in Tanzania!


Wednesday night was our annual End of Year Gala Concert.  A wonderful night was enjoyed by our audience, as they were treated to choir performances, Trad Group performances, Ukulele Group performances, group and solo singers and instrumentalists as well as Junior and Leaving Cert practical students performing some of their well-polished exam pieces.  Well done to all who performed – you were brilliant!   


Wednesday was definitely the highlight of Music Mania, and the entire school was bustling!  To add to the excitement the teachers dressed up as famous musical artists!!... It was such fun! The climax of Music Mania was a whole school event on Wednesday.  To begin, it was finally time to show off the many talents that had been practiced so well over the last few weeks for our talent show….and wow!....what talent we saw….there were group dances, group singing, traditional Irish music, choreographed acts, acapella groups, lip sync, solo performers, rhythm acts, and much, much more.  The teachers even showed their talents!  The atmosphere in the hall was electric.  The judges truly had a difficult decision to make.  Well done to everybody who participated, you were amazing!! 


After we all settled down from the excitement of the talent show and while the judges deliberated, we had a Music-themed Music Mania Table Quiz, organised by the Transition Years.  They did a great job.  Everyone had great fun guessing the lyrics, naming the song and unscrambling the emoji to reveal the song title!

Finally it was time to announce the winners of all the Competitions that had been running – congratulations to all our winners!  And of course we revealed the results of the “Who do you think is the teacher with the best taste in music” competition, which the students had been busy voting on during the week, based on music that teachers had shared with them during their classes!      

When the judges had reached their verdict, they announced the winners of the Talent Show.  The standard was extremely high and the judges awarded many acts!

Well done to all!!



A huge THANK YOU to all the Transition Years for their organisation before and during Music Mania.  Thank you to all the Teachers who made lots of fun cross-curricular links - adding music to their classes throughout the three days, as well as dressing-up and getting so involved in Music Mania. 

Finally, THANK YOU to ALL of the students for their enthusiasm, energy, singing, dancing and music-making!!  You all made MUSIC MANIA 2017 a huge success!!