Music & Choir

Music is a central part of the culture of Notre Dame and permeates all aspects of school life.  

Here at Notre Dame the students can engage in instrumental lessons in piano, violin, recorder and class singing.

Each class from K1 to Prep 6 have a weekly singing class which introduces the girls to good vocal technique, various styles of repertoire, performance skills, confidence and love of music. 

All girls perform at our very special Christmas Concert and each year we produce a "musical extravaganza" which allows the girls to strut the boards of our theatre space. 

We also have a school choir which is made up of students from Prep 4 to Prep 6. This choir is an after school activity which meets once a week and is by audition.

Over the years the choir has been incredibly successful winning numerous awards at Arklow,  Wesley Inter-Schools Festival, Feis Ceoil Dublin and Navan Choral Festival.  They have been invited to sing at the RDS Concert Hall, The Hellix Centre and for the past couple of years at the National Concert Hall as guests of The Dublin County Choir at their annual Christmas Concert.

At Notre Dame we feel that one of the best gifts you can give your daughter is the gift of music shared by all.