Learning Support

What is Learning Support?

Learning support is a continuum - a range of interventions, formal and informal which are delivered by all teachers and parents.

The fact is that most children receive Learning Support at some time in their school life. It is about any intervention that any teacher or parent makes to help a child learn something more easily.

Our special help programme is pupil centred, taking the pupils' individual needs and developing an individual educational plan (IEP) for them. The highest level of support is where a pupil has been diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty or where the class teacher feels that a little extra support would help the pupil reach her full potential. Support may be within the classroom or on an individual basis.

Our learning support is primarily designed to support literacy and numeracy development. We aim to help each child to develop her capabilities to her full potential, to help build up her confidence and a more positive outlook on her place and role in school, in her family and ultimately in society. 

More information may can be obtained from our Learning Support Department.