Green School

Notre Dame is proud to have received three Green Flags from An Taisce for our endeavours in implementing an environmental management system in our school. This was a whole school project in which all pupils and staff actively took part.

   Children's author Benji Bennett raises our third Green Flag for Water   

Our Green School Committee is nominated every year and consists of representatives from each class, members of staff and a parent representative. They meet fortnightly and are responsible for implementing the schools unique green code. For our litter and waste flag the committee carried out an environmental review and targeted areas for action and improvement. Armed with this action plan the green committee monitored and evaluated progress. A green area was set up and Notre Dame became a recycling centre for all types of waste. Fun competitions were held including Green Factor, a recyclable fashion show and a design a poster contest. The Green Committee was also responsible for informing and involving the wider community through assemblies, displays etc. Of course the work doesn't stop there, as well as working on maintaining our litter and waste flag; we were successfully awarded a green flag for our work on energy efficiency and water conservation. We are currently working towards our fourth green flag for transport and hope to promote sustainable transport modes by encouraging our students to WOW (Walk on Wednesdays), COW (Cycle on Wednesdays) & SOW (Scoot on Wednesdays).

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