European Day of Languages 2018

European Day of Languages 2018
Wednesday 26th September 2018
Thu, 27/09/2018 - 13:40 - Fri, 09/11/2018 - 13:40

European Day of Languages 2018 was celebrated in style this year with a language film festival.

‘Les Intouchables’,  (one of the most successful French films of all time),  which tells the true story of a quadriplegic French aristocrat and his Arabic ex-con carer,  made us all laugh and cry in equal amounts.  ’The Lives of Others’,  set in East Germany during the time that Germany was divided, with the east being under Communist control,  was our German choice.  It was really interesting and exciting to follow the story of the main character as he was being spied upon by the ‘Stasi’.                                             '100 Metros’, our Spanish film, told the incredibly true story of a Spanish man’s journey from being diagnosed with MS to completing an Iron Challenge, and left us in awe and full of admiration. The films and the follow-up class discussions in each language group have inspired and encouraged us to check out foreign language films in the future.