Notre Dame is a school where each individual child is nurtured and encouraged, a school that fosters independent thinking and cultivates an atmosphere of rigorous intellectual challenge, a school where children are taught to question, research and reflect with confidence.

As a Catholic school, we are underpinned by a relevant and rich spirituality. Religious and liturgical events are celebrated and held in high regard in the school life. We teach the girls to think openly about religion guiding them gently on their path of faith development.

Caring for others is a central theme in the school and this is supported by the promotion of positive behaviour within the school through initiatives such as Friendship Week and our Student Council. The school assembly regularly focuses on care for others and on our responsibility to protect each other. Bullying is not tolerated and our ant-bullying policy is always adhered to.


                                    Friendship Week                             Christmas Charity Hamper Appeal             


                                 Grandparents' Day                                Thanksgiving Dinner

We teach the girls that faith demands action and so caring for others less fortunate in our world is an integral part of school life and is represented through many fundraising initiatives and the entrepreneurial Children Helping Children Project run by our fifth class. Please see our Children helping Children section for more details.


                         Visiting the Notre Dame Sisters                Children Helping Children Project


                  Caring for our school hatched ducklings                  Charitible Clothes Collection