Children Helping Children

Charitable Entrepreneurs

Every year our fifth class students can’t wait to get started on their Children Helping Children project. It is an initiative which takes place in Notre Dame Junior School from January to May. The project involves fifth class students setting up mini companies and selling produce/services in the school and donating the profits to help other less fortunate children locally, nationally and internationally.

Initially mini business groups are formed within the class and soon these enthusiastic entrepreneurial groups begin working on sponsorship letters and business plans. The aim of the project is to develop the students’ skills which are many, whilst enabling them to raise much valued money for children’s charities by means of a business project. The initiative is not so much about the money raised but rather the process and life skills that the girls at Notre Dame learn.

The Children Helping Children project is cross-curricular and covers curriculum content from most of the class subjects in addition to many other skills which are learnt or developed further. The idea is that the students experience the business world. They learn about different regions of the world through research and talks from people directly involved with less privileged children. The young entrepreneurs develop social skills through interaction with companies and customers either on the phone or in person. They enhance the caring side of their nature by thinking of others and using their initiative to make money to help others. They become more comfortable with money matters, gain confidence by their achievements and raise awareness of the difficulties facing other children in our world. They commit to team work but above all they enjoy themselves through the very different experiences the project offers. Furthermore, they feel proud of their wonderful work, abilities and new found independence. The girls grow in self confidence through this project, they commit themselves to it, they really want to do it and they are energetic and enthusiastic about it. 

Ali Hewson has been a friend of the Children Helping Children project since it was introduced into our school. Ms Hewson likes to come to Notre Dame on the selling days to show her support and visit the many stalls where our young business ladies sell their products and services from. She is always “overwhelmed by the small firms” adding that “it teaches vital entrepreneurial skills and emphasises the role trade can play in lifting people out of poverty. I’d love my own children to be involved in such a project”. We are most grateful to her for lending her support to our Children Helping Children Project every year.

After securing sponsorship from generous local businesses our young entrepreneurs sell their products to other school pupils, staff, parents, guardians, supporters and friends. The companies vary in content from selling games of chance, handmade jewellery, candles, buns etc.

The Children Helping Children project is a fabulous initiative. It makes a huge difference to children’s lives and it brings out the very best in our girls. As we begin another academic year we wish the present budding business ladies good luck and success.

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Listen to coverage on Newstalk Under the Covers Programme with Henry McKean from Saturday, 28th May, 2011 in the attachment below.
It features students talking about the project and a piece from Ali Hewson discussing the merits of the Children Helping Children initiative.

Well done to the girls, Mrs. Gumisiriza, the girls’ families and friends and our generous sponsors who make the Children Helping Children project such a success every year.