Admissions & Fees


Places are at all times subject to availability.

Applications to the Montessori or Junior School should be made on the relevant Application Forms, attached below, to the Principal. A separate Application Form for each child is required. Alternatively, you are invited to phone the school and an application form for each child will be sent to you.

The Montessori Class is entering the Free ECCE Scheme offering Free hours from September 2012. Please complete the application form attached below. There is no registration fee for this class. Official letters of offer will be sent towards the end of this school year. Places for K1, 2013, will be offered to all pupils in the Montessori Class during the course of the Montessori school year. The full Montessori Programme fee is €1875.

Completed Application Forms for the Junior School (K1 to P6), accompanied by an €80 registration fee, are dated when received by the school and placed on the application register for priority and filed for the year of entry. This means your child is placed on a general waiting list. It is important to apply early as priority for places, subject to the priority listing below, is based on the date of receipt by the school of your application.

An acknowledgement letter will be sent by the school on receipt of this completed application form and correct registration fee. This will acknowledge receipt of the fee and confirm date of application and year of entry.

The first round of offers is allocated in the October immediately prior to the September of year of entry. A formal offer is issued in writing. To accept this offer and secure a place, the school must receive a written letter of acceptance from the applicant, together with a booking deposit within one week of the date of the formal offer. If all vacancies are not filled, a second round of offers is issued and the same procedure will apply. 

In the event that a place should occur after this date, those next in line on the waiting list will be offered this.

The minimum age to enter classes is set out below:

  • Montessori Class is 3 years on 30th June prior to September of entry
  • Kindergarten One is 4 years on 30th June prior to September of entry.

Pending availability and subject to the child being properly registered, priority of places is given to:

  • Siblings of children who are or will be attending Notre Dame Junior School during the proposed academic year of entry.
  • Siblings of past pupils
  • Children of permanent members of staff of Notre Dame Junior or Senior Schools
  • Children of past pupils

The policy that will apply to any application shall be the policy that is in place at the time when an offer of a place rather than an application for a place is made. If a place has been offered and not taken up, the non refundable deposit can be deferred for one year but as a consequence, the pupil will join the end of the list for that following year. The deferral date will now count as the registration date for that class.